SPM English 1119 Essay Writing

Two documents are included in the SPM English 1119 Exam: Paper I and Paper two.

The first article, which is written solely for the exam, allows candidates to compose 2 essays. Report two pupils tests: reading and literature, description writing, vocabulary, knowledge transfer abilities, and understanding. While writing essays is restricted to the first article, pupils must produce a description and answer questions concerning poetry, novels and theaters that measure their power to write.


It is clear that the SPM English exam is prominently written. This can be extracted from the following marks:


Paper one – Continuous Writing (50)-Guided Writing (35)

Report two – Literature summarization (fifteen) (25)


Of the 160 points, 125 are the complete points for the above.

What’s the end result?


School students who wish to succeed in the SPM English examination should concentrate even more on the above areas which they need to write. However, writing is an ability that is daunting or burdensome to many school children. Writing is a talent that is influenced by young people. Like reading, you are hooked up to it for life when you practice writing.


Writing is a method that must begin in primary school years of the child. But does that happen? For teachers it is common to complain that despite having done a fairly good English test for 15-year-old, students can not write. I was actually helping a group of undergraduates at a public faculty and I was horrified by the deplorable English quality in their tasks.

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