Now That Bitcoin Is Here to Stay, What Next?

Bitcoin is the very first of its kind and a decentralised peer to peer crypto currency. In the past 100 years it has been one of the most interesting developments in finance. Bitcoin is powered entirely by an algorithm and it is open source and no surprises are found. Unlike fiat currencies or, perhaps, even gold, no central government can manage Bitcoin’s supply. Currently, only 20,000,000 Bitcoins are in existence in the world.

As with every modern unsettling innovation, Bitcoin has a deeply loyal core community of supporters who love the idea. They are the people who advance the idea and propagate it to a higher level. Bitcoin has many fans passionate about the technology and the way it will influence the financial future, allowing the masses the power of money instead of under main control.


This isn’t just a fad. Bitcoin’s going to sit here. Miners are much more successful in preparing themselves for the best of the best Bitcoin equipment. The exchanges invest much in the Bitcoin system’s protection and performance. Employers take their risks and build great organisations around this idea. Financial ventures around Bitcoin (Coin base has just received 5 millions of dollars of risk funds from some of the finest VCs, such as the Tumbler-funding team).

There are several possibilities, black swans and if not the main force in the funding industry may be Bitcoins. There are several doom and grim scenarios where Bitcoin maintains the value since hyperinflation absorbs the fiat currency of the weak central government (in Argentina where an individual sold their house for Bitcoin, there was at least one documented case). That’s too pessimistic, though. Bitcoin will gladly exist next to the conventional currencies of the world and without anything incorrect.


Many of Bitcoin’s greatest advantages can be accomplished in competitive markets. In comparison to the fiat, which can also only break up into 100 million parts, each of these parts is called a satoshi. In addition, transactions through the network are practically free or often involve a small fee to encourage miners. We are talking smally around less than a tenth of a%. Compare this with the 2 4% fee typically paid by the credit card firms and you will also appreciate the high importance of this term.


So now you’re persuaded that Bitcoin will be here for a long time, how can you use it? It is still very early on in growth, and you can make a bitcoin in many ways. For example, faucets are completely supported and don’t have a fuck-you get into your wallet I d and you get free Bitcoins too.

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There’s a lot of ideas translated and produced particularly for Bitcoin ‘s economy from the Get-Paid-to world. For example, you will find several options for surveying, watching videos and visiting advertiser pages, all in exchange for some Bitcoins. As it is brand new, it is a good way to test waters and protect many of them. Recall that giving Bitcoins is much easier as micro transactions are very convenient. There is no really minimum payout, usually, is it very nominal when there is.


You do not need to become a technician or maybe even go really deep into the workings of the currency to get interested in the Bitcoin economy. There are several services that you can use to ease the process. It is up to you to make the long-term move from remaining and trusting in the game.

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