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Hair Transplants Using State-Of-The-Art Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technique

Transplants of hair loss have grown and are long overdue. When the most sophisticated and safest hair transplant device we have today requires potentially the latest technical technology, people with hair loss begin to be aware of the micro-operative unit extractor (FUE) process. Other options are less costly than FUE: strip incision, uniform punch graft, scalp extension, micro grafting, laser grafting and scalp reduction. In comparison to the FUE, a number of surgeons claim that their patients have various drawbacks, such as unnatural appearances, addictions, noticeable skin and discomfort.

Today, many physicians still use obsolete procedures for hair transplants. Very few doctors in the field of FUE are specialised because of the need for increased skills, technological know-how, tremendous investment and transplantation specialists. The FUE surgeon also has to be a moving pro. He must clarify the kind of hair naturalness and fullness to the patient before the surgery. Just to tell you what the surgeon charges, for FUE per vial, the fee is between seven dollars – 12 dollars, depending on the complexity of the vial, body hair is seven dollars – ten dollars per graft, for FUE punch removal – ten dollars – fifteen dollars per vial.; reparation procedure depends on job.


The FUE lateral slit technique simulates the normal pattern of hair growth. You must look for a surgeon who uses this technique with skilled and sufficient personnel. If you are a great candidate, it is generally the intention to provide normal, high-density, rapid recovery and aesthetical hair. Regardless of your hair colour, or even your skin colour, you should go through the process as a prospect. When you see your surgeon, he will assess your hair calibre, your hair status and your rear scalp hair density. For those with greater density, more grafts can be received. Any other assessments and your medical background can also be tested to decide if you are a perfect candidate.

What makes FUE wonderful is the lack of sewing, no bandage to hold the hair in place, and no noticeable scar. It is a most smooth way to get hair like the head and hair follicles reintegrated into the hairline with local anesthesia from the donor field. The entire body, the thorn, the back, and the sides of the top, in particular, could only be used to remove follicular hair units individually. Indeed, any part of the body is a donor’s hair frequently. Should you have limited hair on your sides or maybe back of your mind, it isn’t really a concern because you can use a position where body hair is present. FUE often has a slight amount of discomfort and extremely little postoperative pain. Another FUE plus aspect is the possibility to use this particular approach to mask their scars by getting longitudinal scars from previous stripper surgery transplants.


In contemplating a surgeon, you are best off selecting a FUE Only surgeon who really specialise in this particular technique of hair transplantation and devotes himself his time and practice. The outcomes of the FUE transplant depend on how long each hair is carefully extracted from the region of the donor and also on his doctor and his staff. Factors of great significance were the direction, angle, depth and width of the transplanted hair. The implantation of grafts is not vertical. The desired natural appearance can be altered in hair design.


In reality, FUE is a process which takes a lot of time and work and needs meticulous attention to detail. Hair transplants need both the surgeon and the patient’s zeal, courage and resilience to achieve the highest point permanently while they are part of a meeting. Basically, you would have this kind of hair transplant, which with its normal and total look is hardly detectable!

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