Signs Of A Fake Yoga Teacher Training Program

There was a time when finding the best yoga teacher was not a big task because the options were limited. But looking at today’s time, there are infinite options available for online training and offline training. The more the options, the more the frauds. Many cases are being registered where the yoga teachers are using fake IDs To get themselves registered as a professional yoga teacher. Once you make the payment, the sites are blocked.

Nowadays, Fellows with minimal experiences are claiming to be professional yoga teachers. So be very wise before choosing. Do your comprehensive research, check the reviews, and ask other people in their contact for more details.

We are here to provide you with some tips that will help you find the best yoga teacher for yourself and prevent yourself from fakeid ( YOGA TEACHER) to have the best results possible.

Keep the following factors in mind :

No program details

Do you study at school without the syllabus? No, right? Similarly, how can you select a yoga teacher who does not have a detailed program to offer. Suppose you do not know what things will be covered in the entire plan. What are you supposed to pay for?

No information on anatomy 

Yoga is related to human anatomy. Yoga helps you function all your body parts correctly, so until and unless you do not know anything about human anatomy, how will your yoga program give you results? So getting information on anatomy is very important. Do keep this factor in your mind before choosing a yoga teacher for yourself.


No knowledge about yoga philosophy 

To enjoy yoga to the fullest, you need to know about the yoga philosophy and where it originated. Background knowledge is always essential. Even while learning languages, we are explained about the sounds to the core with their meanings. So before starting up with yoga, its philosophy is essential too. 

No particular style mentioned 

Yoga is a vast world; yoga just isn’t classified as yoga. It has different categories like power yoga and traditionally speaking- vinyasa yoga, kundalini yoga, Anusara yoga, etc. So the program you opt for needs to specify what yoga style they are supposed to follow. Choose what suits your comfort. 

When searching for the right yoga teacher training course, it is essential to determine the trainers’ experience. Background checks will help you to find trainers who have years of experience. You also need to know the size of the class and the duration or length of the program.

Before paying the yoga teacher, you must search for their reviews and years of experience. Take proper information about the schedules of the class, duration, or validity of the program. 

Do not waste your hard-earned money and precious time on fake programs. Make a wise decision.

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